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Loader installation need to pay attention to what? - COMPANYNEWS


Loader installation needs to pay attention to the following points:

Before loading the loader, pay attention to the best position of the dump truck to the work area, which can save time and improve efficiency.

The loader should first think about the loading order before loading, and try to be close to the front of the carriage, because it will not say that the front is less than half a shovel when it is loaded.

Flattening the higher part when it is nearly full; If you're one shovel away, install the back, because the front is too full at one time and it's very inconvenient when the top is capped.

Master the loading time difference; When shoveling material, the right hand should be diligent, when the car resistance is large and does not move, it is necessary to manipulate the boom rocker arm more, and do not force the refueling door when the resistance is large, which wastes fuel and hurts the car, and can not improve work efficiency.

Pay attention to the combination of actions, can improve work efficiency.

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